Take A Tally On Whose Behind It All.

A college student, an avid Pinterest reader, and a startup hobbyist- that’s me in a nutshell.

Now, there’s obviously a number of other ways I would have loved to describe myself, but, for reader’s sake, I like to keep it short, sweet, and most importantly, to the point. I’ll do my deed by Tally readers to only provide relevance within my posts. Granted, relevancy speaks to the million things that could fall under the category of the business world itself. That can range from sharing outstanding new information in our field, completing self-fulfilling (and fun!) challenges, or even in-depth coverage of your own personal business experiences!

Engagement is key and through these challenges, informative articles, and events, I ask that you all be responsive and definitely take part! We’re building a relatable, informative community, and I want you all to know I’m right here with you! My purpose is to learn alongside my readers, giving you a hub to ask questions, make assumptions, have debates, and experiment! Bounce ideas off one another- and even me!

This is personalized for you, and hopefully, you let it transform you, your business, and mindset in the most positive ways. Tally is for my entrepreneurs, my future administrative managers,  my future marketers, and all those in between. You all make this platformyou are Tally. Your influence and ideas set the stage for me as a blogger and for that, I’ll always be appreciative. We’re working to form a family and seek out professional and personal growth.

You can start this journey with me and fellow readers by filling out our contact form below, allowing myself and my team to update you when new articles, events, and challenges pop up.

Thanks for reading, have a kick-ass September!